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Without the best network, the best software applications, server infrastructures and operating system environments are crippled. We follow a strict policy in selecting our infrastructure partner to deploy our facility infrastructure. We ensure that every data center we use meets our requirements and follow quality standards.

The privacy & confidentiality of your faxes is ensured with our service. Our inbound faxing service is as secure as email or in other words, MIME encoded, which ensures there are no readability or formatting issues with the faxes received by you.

Faxmyway Physical Safeguards
Faxmyway’ fax production equipment is located at a facility that provides 24-hour physical security, redundant electrical generators, redundant data center air conditioners, and other backup equipment designed to keep servers secure and continually up and running.

Faxmyway Organizational Safeguards
The information contained in faxed documents is proprietary to the customer sending the fax. Faxmyway employees do not have access to the Faxmyway production equipment, except where necessary for system management, maintenance, monitoring, and backups. The Faxmyway servers that process faxes are housed in a secure environment that is accessed by a team of approved professional engineers and security specialists only. As a result, all information passing through Faxmyway’ internal server environment remains protected and secure.

Faxmyway Technical Safeguards
Perimeter Defense
The network perimeter is protected by multiple firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems — all sourced from industry-leading security vendors. In addition, Faxmyway monitors and analyzes firewall logs to proactively identify security threats.

User Authentication
Users can access the Faxmyway service via email or online only with a valid username and password combination.

Application Security
Our robust application security model prevents one Faxmyway customer from accessing another’s data. This model is reapplied with every request and enforced for the entire duration of a user session.

Internal Systems Security
Inside of the perimeter of firewalls, systems are safeguarded by network address translation, port redirection, IP masquerading, non-routable IP addressing schemes, and more.

Operating System Security
Faxmyway enforces tight operating system-level security by using a minimal number of access points to all production servers. We protect all operating system accounts with passwords, and production servers do not share a master password database. All operating systems are maintained at each vendor’s recommended patch levels for security and are hardened by disabling and/or removing any unnecessary users, protocols, and processes.

Database Security
Database access is controlled at the operating system and database connection level for additional security. Access to production databases is limited to a number of points, and production databases do not share a master password database.

Server Management Security
All data that is provided by a customer is owned by that customer. Faxmyway employees do not have direct access to the Faxmyway production equipment, except where necessary for system management, maintenance, monitoring, and backups. Faxmyway does not utilize any managed service providers. The Faxmyway Operations team provides all system management, maintenance, monitoring, and backups.

Reliability and Backup
All networking components, load balancers, Web servers, and application servers are configured in a redundant configuration. All customer data is stored on a primary database server that is clustered with a backup database server for redundancy. All customer data is stored on disk storage that is mirrored across different storage cabinets and controllers. All customer data is automatically backed up to a primary tape library on a nightly basis. Backup tapes are immediately cloned to a second tape library to verify their integrity, and the clones are moved to secure, fire-resistant off-site storage on a regular basis. Disaster recovery plans are in place.



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