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1. Overall a great service – the flexibility to send and receive faxes at any time and any location beats traditional fax machine technology hands down! Your service has been extremely reliable ever since we signed up for the account 11 months ago, and your customer service is exceptional (we needed help in an emergency situation on a Sunday – not only were we able to speak to someone right away - our problem was resolved within minutes!).
Klaus-Peter Springer, CTO - Business Jets India Pvt Ltd.

2. This service has really helped in our business at that time when FAX lines does not work and important information comes to you in seconds thru email network. Month end pressures gets relived in seconds. We are using this service since last 2 months but at occasions it serves the purpose, that is most important to run the business…..at the end “It is reliable”
Alok Maheshwari, Head IT - Terex Vectra Equipments Pvt Ltd

3. Faxmyway have solved our problems of dead & busy telecom lines and quality of data sent or received through Faxmyway.
Prashant Palan, IT Team - Allcargo Global Logistics Limited

4. This is a wonderful service for everybody in all aspects as well as environmental ground as being paperless so keeping our atmosphere free with pollutions.
Abhishek Bhardwaj, P.S. to G.M - Simbhaoli Sugars Limited, Unit - Brijnathpur

5. Faxmyway is a good start which helps the business correspondence to continue while travelling. Best suited for confidential documents which can only be viewed by the individual it is meant for. Prompt connection with the fax machine.
Ravi Singhal, VP - Biotech International Limited

6. I was surprised by this flawless service not expecting in India. Fax with local numbers to offer is simple put star on my business profile and working capabilities. It’s really wonderful that in seconds I receive my faxes on my mail which automatically pushed to my handheld device. It’s really wonderful and productive means of communication in these busy working hours with few number of people and devices in place.
Kapil Aggarwal, Director- Major Accounts - CambridgeSoft Corporation

7. Faxmyway has made my life so much easier. I own a marketing company and need to fax a lot of material to my home office and to clients. In the past, I had a telephone, internet, and separate phone line for the fax. What a nightmare! The fax paper jammed, the toner was messy, and most times I couldn't read the fax. On top of all that, it took a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the machine and the second line cost way too much. I decided to streamline. Now, I use the internet for all my correspondence, even the phone. It just makes sense to use an email fax system, too. I've tried other email fax companies and none have compared to price, and none of them have even come close to the consistency, help, and ease of use of faxmyway. I highly recommend faxmyway to companies of all sizes because of its easy integration, and I recommend it for personal use, because you don't have to have a dedicated line, and it's very cost-efficient.
Rajeev Vaid, CEO- Smarthiring.com



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